Macrima Vet Surgery Solutions sarà presente alla Tappa ITALIANA di “Vets with Horsepower”
che si svolgerà presso il
Centro Clinico Veterinario e Zootecnico Sperimentale
Università degli Studi di Milano
Via dell’Università, 6, 26900, Lodi


Wednesday 28 June

8.30 Tour Presentation
9.00 The wobbly horse (Dr. Caroline Hahn)
9.30 Tips for safe handling of difficult horses (Dr. David Bardell)
9:45 Points that stop a wound from healing (Prof. Derek Knottenbelt)
10.00 The pruritic horse (Prof. Derek Knottenbelt)
10.30 Break
10.45 Clinical signs of myofascial pain in horses (Dott. Dietrich Von Schweinitz)
11.00 Back disorders of adult horses (Dott. Jessica Kidd)
11.30 Approach to the cryptorchid horse (Dott. Marco Mora)
11.45 How to use US to investigate diseases of the stomach (Dott. Massimo Magri)
12.00 Colic by numbers- What might happen in your next 1000 cases (Dr. John Burford)